MWS Tutorials – Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Marketing: Creating A Custom Audience From Website Visitors For Retargeting

Facebook Marketing: Creating A Custom Audience From An Uploaded Email List

Facebook Marketing: Creating Facebook Ads Targeting Your Custom Audience

BONUS VIDEO: Facebook Marketing – Getting Help Managing Your Ads – Setting The Ad Advertising Ad Role. 

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

A. Click “Ads Manager” link or go to
B. Click “Settings” in left sidebar
C. Type in Password for Facebook account (it asks every time)
D. Scroll to “Ad Account Roles”
E. Click “Add a User”
F. Type in User’s Name and Select “Ad Account Advertiser”
G. Click Submit

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You should friend the person first and also set them as an Advertiser Role for Your Fan Page if you plan to run Newsfeed Ads. Here is a screenshot with steps you need to follow to set the Page Role to “Advertiser”

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